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Bullying in the book yaqui delgado wants to kick your ass by meg medina

Lastly, there are two different book trailers to accompany the novel here and here. Resources for Teaching About Bullying: Much has been written about bullying and how to prevent it. It would be an excellent article to use with students. By role-playing, researching people who have made courageous ethical decisions, and writing about their own role models, students will come to understand the importance of standing up for what they believe in. Chapter 1 Pages 1-7 Has anyone ever threatened to beat you up?

Was it someone you knew? What did you do? How was the situation resolved? How have the students divided themselves up?

What is your cafeteria like? What kind of stereotypes about Latinas does this reveal? What about the Latinas—do they seem to think Piddy is Latina? What is her advice to Piddy about the Yaqui situation? How does Piddy find out who Yaqui Delgado is? What has her preoccupied? Who steps in to save her? Was Piddy flirting with him? Do you think this is typical of rumors? Are they often not true? Have you ever seen anything like this at your school? Have you been the victim or the bully?

Who does the lunch aide treat as the guilty ones? Do you think the school personnel deal with it appropriately? What would you have done in this situation? Weakness means that you deserve to be hated, that you deserve everything you get. Do you think this is a typical belief in schools?

Have you ever experienced this, either as a person considered weak or as a person bullying someone who was thought to be weak? What could we do to change this belief? Do you know anyone like Joey?

Do you think she suspects that something is wrong? Chapter 8 Pages 51-58 What did Ma hope to be when she was younger? Who does Ma point out? What does Piddy see? Why do you think their views are so different? Would you tell Ma? Do you think that would help or make things worse? Is it just a hair salon? Is there a place like this in your neighborhood or community? Do you have a favorite birthday memory? How did you deal with it?

What did you learn from the situation? What happens to Piddy in the hall way?

  1. I know how important the subject of bullying is but shamefully my escapist-reader tendencies kept diverting me this summer.
  2. Shepherd could have handled the situation in a better manner?
  3. What is your cafeteria like?
  4. Is there a place like this in your neighborhood or community? It sucks, but what can you do?
  5. What could happen to her on the way home?

Do things like this happen at your school? Do you think telling would help in this situation? Where does Yaqui live? Do you think Piddy has really changed? What does Piddy mean when she says that Daniel Jones is a hard school? Is it hard academically? Does Piddy really want to argue with Ma? What is she looking for in starting the argument? Have you ever done something similar? Are people always what they appear to be?

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Often adults, teachers, and school faculty say that students are at school to learn. But, many times, school means students have to deal with far more than just learning. Lots of things that happen at school can cause more stress than classes or homework. What do you think? What takes up most of your time and energy at school—academics or social situations good and bad? What do you think would make school a more healthy and productive place to be?

How does she handle the situation? Do you think Ma should be worried? Does she have someone like Lila? Why do you think Piddy decides to cover it up? Why would that be hurtful to Rob? Do you think he handles the situation with Piddy well?

Yaqui Delgado Wants To Kick Your Ass | Meg Medina | Book Review

Who could she be referring to? Why do you think Ma is hiding in the kitchen if she used to be friends with the ladies at the party? Flatwell pick up on between Piddy and Yaqui? How does he deal with it? Do you think any of these would have helped?

  1. Are they often not true?
  2. Can't wait to check out more of Medina's books. How does he deal with it?
  3. I was drawn into the story so early on and I was able to really feel what the main character Piddy felt.
  4. Why do you think Piddy reacts the way she does?
  5. What does Lila bring?

What might have happened if she had chosen a different way of dealing with the threat? What could happen to her on the way home? How could she have dealt with this? Have you ever been in a situation where you were scared for your safety?

How does Piddy feel about this? What does Piddy think? She talks about it in relation to the Glock he carries, and what it would be like growing up with brothers and a father. Why do you think Piddy is so focused on this particular feeling?

Why does this upset Piddy? Do you think that Ms. Shepherd could have handled the situation in a better manner?

How could Piddy have responded differently? Why do you think she does this? Why do you think their interaction is awkward? Why do you think Piddy reacts the way she does? Why do you think the two best friends are having such a hard time communicating? Boika refuses to help? What does this say about her relationship with Lila? What do you think of this decision? Is there any way to deal with the situation without consequences for Piddy?

How would you feel? What did she do in the past when she saw Joey or his mother bruised and beaten up? What do they do while there? Do you think he is repulsed or does his reaction imply a different emotion? What happens when she sees Mitzi? What is ironic about this? Think about how Piddy has dealt with her problem with Yaqui. Chapter 30 Pages 208-210 Do you think Joey is ever going to return home? What does Lila bring?