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A description of the henchmen in german government officials in wwii

Comment It was a deceptively beautiful summer. Never before had the light of East Prussia seemed so bright, the sky so high, the countryside so vast, as in 1944, wrote Hans Graf von Lehndorff, a doctor and chronicler, in his diary.

And yet the streets were already filling with columns of refugees; Germans from Lithuania, whose abandoned cattle roamed the countryside.

List of Nazi Party leaders and officials

Light tremors echoed distant detonations. Sometimes at night, a red glow was visible in the east, where border towns along the Niemen River were burning: Unmistakable signs that Soviet forces were moving inexorably closer. They arrived on October 21. Red Army soldiers pushing through the East Prussian village of Nemmersdorf massacred some 30 old people, women and children, leaving in their wake houses full of dead bodies.

Thoughts about the sky, light and countryside were replaced by shock.

Hitler Cabinet

When the East Prussian front collapsed in mid-January, the destruction and violence wrought by the Soviet troops surpassed anything the Germans had ever suffered.

The inhabitants of eastern parts of East Prussia were the first to flee in blind panic.

  • A committee was established to censor books, and works could not be re-published unless they were on the list of approved works;
  • Propaganda posters of world war two the german leader was the german poster on the right gives a good impression of how the government tried to maintain.

An Unprecedented Shifting of Populations But the wave of terror soon swept over all the areas inhabited by Germans between the Baltic and the Danube.

Hitler's ruthlessly waged total warfare had ended.

  1. Following the war, Schacht was tried at Nuremberg and acquitted.
  2. The rally was the subject of the film Triumph of the Will , one of several Nazi propaganda films directed by Leni Riefenstahl. He who dares nothing wins nothing.
  3. The inhabitants of eastern parts of East Prussia were the first to flee in blind panic. But he hesitated, as he worried that the removal of Gregor Strasser from the post would lead to a split in the party.
  4. Adolf Himmler, born in 1900 in Munich, held many ranks in his busypolitical life.

Now the time of retribution was dawning everywhere. Red Army forces took revenge for the burning of Mother Russia and its millions of victims, revenge for Poland, where Germans had carried out the "physical destruction" decreed by their Nazi dictator with horrific zeal, and revenge for the six-year bloody suppression of the Czechs.

The Yugoslavs, who tormented tens of thousands of members of the ethnic German minority in detention camps before chasing them out of the country, had previously experienced how the occupiers had waged anti-partisan warfare with massacres of civilians. Millions of Germans in eastern Europe met the same tragic fate, paying with life and limb for the crimes of Nazi Germany.

They were hunted down, humiliated, raped, bludgeoned to death, or carted off as slave laborers.

Joseph Goebbels

At the end of World War II, an unprecedented shifting of populations took place in eastern parts of central Europe, as Germans became pawns shuttled to and fro at the whims of the victors and their deal-making.

But the people fleeing the Red Army were unaware that the Allies had already agreed with the Polish government-in-exile to hand over large parts of eastern Germany to Poland and resettle the Germans who were living there. All those who didn't manage to escape in time fell victim to the frenzied expulsions that were carried out until July 1945. The organized resettlement of Germans and ethnic Germans from Germany's former eastern areas and the Sudetenland began in January 1946.

In all, some 14 million Germans lost their homes. Later on these treks became interwoven with others heading in the opposite direction; hundreds of thousands of people who had been overtaken by the Red Army and were now trying to get back to their home towns. One of these was East Prussian refugee Hermann Fischer, who later recounted the picture of horror he found upon his return to his village: The Wersels had taken in the child of one of them.

Gustav Anders-Horn had been shot dead. His corpse had been eaten by pigs.

The Henchmen: German Government Officials in WWII

Altsitzer Gruhn had been shot dead. So there were graves everywhere.

Hitler’s Inner Circle: The 10 Most Powerful Men in Nazi Germany

The villages looked sad and desolate, with rubble everywhere, furniture, doors, windows ripped from their hinges and smashed. The wind howled through the open houses and buildings. Hordes of children abandoned or separated from their families languished in the forests in the east.

Somehow these "wolf children" survived, straying from one bullet-riddled farmstead to the next. The fate of these approximately 5,000 children is a particularly heart-wrenching episode borne out of circumstances reminiscent of accounts of the Thirty Years' War, the last in Europe that had seen depopulation on this scale.

Hundreds of thousands of people didn't survive their flight, expulsion or imprisonment.

  • Unmistakable signs that Soviet forces were moving inexorably closer;
  • He wrote in his diary:

They starved or froze to death, or succumbed to epidemics or injuries. Some died as a result of the chaos and of the cold, wanton behavior of Russian soldiers. This also befell the Lehndorff family. Red Army soldiers seized the family's estate in East Prussia on January 25. My mother was only able to bandage him up provisionally.

  • Gundolf was no longer teaching, so directed Goebbels to associate professor Max Freiherr von Waldberg;
  • Hundreds of thousands of people didn't survive their flight, expulsion or imprisonment;
  • Wilhelm Rediess — Commanding General of SS forces in occupied Norway from 1940 to 1945 Walter von Reichenau — Generalfeldmarschall and committed Nazi; he joined the Party in 1932 in violation of regulations and was one of the few ardent National Socialists among the Army's senior officers.

Then other Russians came, asked who he was, and shot him and my mother together.