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Wal mart good or bad for america

  1. One more dollar in your pocket. Richard makes the point that you got some welfare benefits on the other side.
  2. My eyes are bad. Whether Wal-Mart has been, on net, "good" or "bad" is a complicated question to frame and a devilishly tough one to answer.
  3. We find similar differences if we look at health benefits.
  4. I do not accept that conclusion. As Barry Lynn argued in his Harper's essay " Breaking the Chain ," and as Charles Fishman demonstrated in his book " The Wal-Mart Effect ," the often unacknowledged consequence of Wal-Mart is that it has reshaped a huge swath of the American, and perhaps even the global, economy.

However, the negative greatly outweighs the positive. The positives are few and far between, namely in the low everyday prices and the convenience of having everything you need under one roof.

Experts debate: Does Walmart help or hurt America's economy?

The negatives are massive. One, Wal-Mart typically uses overseas outlets to produce their products, which takes away manufacturing and production jobs here in America. They also ignore what goes on at some of their factories, as evidenced by the fire at one in Bangladesh. Two, Wal-Mart has driven many small businesses out of towns across the country, annihilating what was once "the American Dream" and destroying the neighborly customer service we came to know and love.

They've replaced it by a corporate mentality that has no understanding of what goes on at the store level and pushes ludicrous policies upon drones that are paid minimum wage, as opposed to allowing people to earn money by working to the best of their ability.

Three, this corporate ridiculousness has no limits. Wal-Mart has, on multiple occasions, fired security guards for apprehending shoplifters, saying that they "didn't treat the customer in a proper way. In one incident in Layton, Utah in February 2011, three security guards and an assistant manager were all fired for restraining a shoplifter with a gun - corporate policy dictated that, for the safety of the patrons, he was to be let loose in the store with his loaded pistol.

That goes beyond stupid and unsafe. In the end, it is this killing of "the American Dream" that makes Wal-Mart bad for this country. Sure, some may call it "progress" or "survival of the fittest," but Wal-Mart is costing people jobs, outsourcing production elsewhere, encouraging crime, and being a blight to society.

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It is places like Wal-Mart offering deals that gets people riled up and excited, sometimes violent, like when a Black Friday mob trampled an innocent Wal-Mart employee so they could get the best deals. Wal-Mart is a trendsetter in the retail corporate world.

  1. That Walmart receives subsidies sometimes when it comes into communities, in the form of tax credits and breaks.
  2. Not only employees of Walmart, but Americans as a whole.
  3. So there actually are some significant differences here. Walmart and the Environment What about Walmart and the environment?

They were one of the first to decide to open on Thanksgiving, and are killing that holiday. They caused several small businesses to close, even with subsidiary Sam's Club proclaiming that it was "in business for small business" - a contradiction to what the corporation did in the first place.

Has Wal-Mart been good or bad?

To be truthful, Wal-Mart only seeks to make money and doesn't care about the happiness of its employees or customers. That's a step backward from the '50s and '60s, when small businesses were the place to go. Sure, those were more expensive and less convenient, but we've taken the route of cheap and easy, for what cost?