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Menelaus the king of sparta during the trojan war

After a back-and-forth struggle that featured adulteryincest and cannibalismThyestes gained the throne after his son Aegisthus murdered Atreus. Assisted by King Tyndareus of Spartathey drove Thyestes away, and Agamemnon took the throne for himself. Most offered opulent gifts. Tyndareus would accept none of the gifts, nor would he send any of the suitors away for fear of offending them and giving grounds for a quarrel.

Tyndareus readily agreed, and Odysseus proposed that, before the decision was made, all the suitors should swear a most solemn oath to defend the chosen husband in any quarrel. The suitor who won was Menelaus Tyndareus, not to displease the powerful Agamemnon offered him another of his daughters, Clytaemnestra. Menelaus and Helen had a daughter Hermione as supported, for example, by Sappho[3] whilst some variations of the myth suggest they had three sons as well: AithiolasMaraphiusand Pleisthenes.

Trojan War Menelaus regains Helen, detail of an Attic red-figure crater, c. According to legend, in a return for awarding her a golden apple inscribed "to the fairest," Aphrodite promised Paris the most beautiful woman in all the world.

  • Menelaus is a major character in Dan Simmons ' 2004 science fiction novel Ilium and its sequel, Olympos , an alternate-reality version of the Trojan War involving Earth and Mars;
  • After his death, some sources say she was exiled to the island of Rhodes, where a vengeful war widow had her hanged.

After concluding a diplomatic mission to Sparta during the latter part of which Menelaus was absent to attend the funeral of his maternal grandfather Catreus in CreteParis ran off to Troy with Helen despite his brother Hector 's prohibition.

Invoking the oath of TyndareusMenelaus and Agamemnon raised a fleet of a thousand ships and went to Troy to secure Helen's return; the Trojans refused, providing a casus belli for the Trojan War. Menelaus soundly beats Paris, but before he can kill him and claim victory, Aphrodite spirits Paris away inside the walls of Troy. However, Athena never intended for Menelaus to die and she protects him from the arrow of Pandarus.

Later, in Book 17, Homer gives Menelaus an extended aristeia as the hero retrieves the corpse of Patroclus from the battlefield. According to HyginusMenelaus killed eight men in the war, and was one of the Greeks hidden inside the Trojan Horse. Menelaus sought out Helen in the conquered city. Raging at her infidelity, he raised his sword to kill her, but as he saw her weeping at his feet, begging for her life, Menelaus' wrath instantly left him.

He took pity on her and decided to take her back as wife. As happened to many Greeks, Menelaus' homebound fleet was blown by storms to Crete and Egypt where they were becalmed, unable to sail away.

Trojan War

They trapped Proteusand forced him to reveal how to make the voyage home. Menelaus is fond of Megapenthes and Nicostratushis sons by other women. In the film he is a jealous, overbearing husband to Helen, who willingly leaves him to pursue love with Paris. Menelaus also appears in the 2004 film Troyportrayed by Brendan Gleeson. Like the 1956 film that influenced it, Menelaus is portrayed as a brutish king out for revenge.

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  • Agamemnon raised an army of Greek warriors to retrieve Helen, reminding them of their oath to her husband;
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  • Layer VIIa of the excavations, dated to about 1180 B.

He duels Paris and wins, but Paris retreats to his brother Hector, who kills Menelaus to protect Paris. Menelaus is a major character in Dan Simmons ' 2004 science fiction novel Ilium and its sequel, Olymposan alternate-reality version of the Trojan War involving Earth and Mars.