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Edgar allan poe the raven research paper

Bibliography Introduction Poetry, which is a form of literature, can touch our souls by expressing things which are hard to verbalize.

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A poem can create images and feelings between the lines. Sometimes, it gives us strong emotions; it makes us laugh, makes us cry, makes us feel horrible — makes us think. It is one of the most famous poems by Poe, published in January 1845, and will be the basis of this paper.

At first glance, the raven seems to be a symbol of death, which holds control over the narrator within the poem, and moreover becomes a constant reminder about the inability of man to escape his ultimate fate.

  • They each deliver negative feelings to the reader, emphasize the mood of the poem, and illustrate Poe"s feelings of despair and sadness;
  • Documentation reveals that Poe's eyes were odd, and even a bit disturbing;
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Afterwards, I will give evidence for my thesis and show the significances of the raven for the poem itself and point out in which way the raven has an impact on our daily life. Analysis Due to the relatively short length of this paper, an intricately detailed analysis of the poem is simply not possible.

However, the most important and relevant facts will be covered, as they will support my thesis and help to interact with the criticism on Poe's dealings with death in poems.

In his criticism on Poe, Joseph J.

Analysis of Poe’s “The Raven”

An example is the use of a mostly trochaic octameter, with eight stressed-unstressed two-syllable feet per line, combined with a predominating ABCBBB end rhyme scheme and the frequent use of internal rhyme. The unnamed protagonist, who is also the narrator, tries to distract himself from the loss of Lenore. Over the course of the poem, the protagonist becomes more and more agitated both in action and in mind.

The foreseeable answers of the raven provokes the protagonist, in a state of maddened frenzy, to frankly ask his ultimate question 93 — 95whether his soul will ever be reunited with Lenore in heaven. So far I have shown that the raven has a deep impact on the protagonist and seems to be the linchpin of the poem. As mentioned before, in my opinion, the raven is a symbol of death, which holds dominion over the narrator within the poem, and moreover becomes a constant reminder about the inability of man to escape his ultimate fate.

The thesis itself is not surprising, because most of the readers would most likely come to a similar conclusion after reading it. However, it is worthwhile to point out why most of the readers have the same opinion towards edgar allan poe the raven research paper raven.

It seems as if Poe intended, that the poem is creating a certain image of the raven and I will try to point out how it is done. The image of the raven is the most striking aspect of the poem and will be analyzed in more details.

The raven is more than only the title of the poem.

"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. An Analysis of the Raven as a Symbol of Death

If you look closely at lines 38 — 40, it becomes obvious that Poe attached importance to the entrance of the raven. The image, which is created here, is of a edgar allan poe the raven research paper man, probably a king walking to his throne.

Therefore, the reader gets the impression that the raven is high-flying and superior to the narrator, who is not able to stop him. In addition to that, line 48 marks a turning point to the relation between the narrator and the raven.

The one-word answer is so powerful that it is destroying all hopes of the narrator to see his beloved Lenore once again.

As we see here, the raven becomes a constant reminder about the inability of the narrator to escape from his worst fears. Even though he is not sure if the raven is just an ordinary bird or something evil, like the devil itself. But, in the end the narrator strongly believes that the raven is telling nothing but the truth, which turns him mad. The final image of the raven, which is created by Poe in line 105 is that of a sleeping demon, whose shadow casts the room.

This shows clearly the dominion of the raven over the narrator and the situation itself. In an abstract way, we can see here a metamorphosis of the raven from an ordinary bird to a symbol of death and evil. In summary, the image of the raven is strongly affected by his role within the poem. Because of these characteristics it is clear, that the raven becomes a symbol of death. In relation to the content, he becomes a constant reminder about the inability of man to escape his ultimate fate.

Essay/Term paper: Edgar allan poe

It is therefore not surprising that the precise image of the raven that Poe created has the same effect on the reader's attitude towards him. Conclusion As I have shown, the raven has a deep impact on the narrator and is — caused by its image created within the poem — a symbol of death.

His role as a reminder of death is still current in the present day. The poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe influences a lot of people because it is one of the most read poems. Even in modern times, you can find links towards the poem, as you can see in the The Simpsons Halloween Special aired on October 25, 1990, in which Lisa, who is one of the main characters of The Simpsons, reads The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

In this adaptation Bart, who is also the main character, plays the raven.

Edgar Allen Poe the Raven

Homer, who is the father of Bart and Lisa, finds himself in the role of the protagonist. Lisa and Maggie are seraphim. As The Simpsons has a great audience, the raven can fulfil its part as reminder about death.

Their name was influenced by this poem and is a tribute to Poe, who lived in Baltimore for a few years. As shown, The Raven has clearly had an impact on our lives, due to the fact that Poe's message is current and continues to remain relevant to our lives.

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