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Case study of training and development in hr

Milan Padariya Siemens is a one of the largest electrical and electronics engineering companies in the world. Every year it employs 20000 people in UK. Training and development as a strategy for growth Case Study: Training and development as a strategy for growth 1.

How does workforce planning enable Siemens to identify its training needs? Siemens is a one of the largest electrical and electronics engineering companies in the world. Therefore, for growth of their business, Siemens needs people with first class level of skill, knowledge and capability in engineering, IT, business and other relevant field. Workforce planning helps an organization to estimate its future workforce requirements and calculate the numbers, nature and sources of potential employees who might meet that demand.

In other words, it is about getting the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time. Such as workforce, planning enables Siemens to inspection its present staff numbers and the skill it has in place as well as identify where it has skill gaps needed to meet its business objective. Therefore, workforce planning actually enables Siemens to identify the future and present gap of skill, talent and opportunity, so that Siemens can go training programs.

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Siemens can analyze the new environment where they are going to shift their production plan to another city or place. Such as, they are relocating its main plant in Lincoln to a bigger site outside the main city. Therefore, they have to analyze the environment of new place to identify what kind of skill is in need.

Because, every new place contain new opportunity and at the same time it needs new skill, extra staff and technology. Siemens have to analyze what kind of resource they have and they are creating their current workforce profile, for example what kind of technologies do they have and what sort of skill their staffs have. Then they are identifying their future workforce planning, such as what kind of technologies they should introduce or what type of training their employee should need.

When they are, analyze their requirements of training, and then they can set an expected future or business objective for them. After analyzing their training needs and, they can minimize and close their gaps by implementing effective training programs. Analyzing training needs can be two types: Because of their business is focuses on innovation, so it needs to predict and gradually respond to continuous change in new business environment.

For example, Siemens attention is now focus on wind turbines and renewable case study of training and development in hr source because of climate change and growing importance on carbon footprint. Therefore, Siemens needs to hire more employees with eligible skill or give training to existing employees to develop with new skills that can match with wind turbine operating.

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Workforce planning is also important for future opportunities. Siemens is now bidding for Olympic Games 2012 in London. If they win the bid, then they have to provide security, healthcare provision, media and communication technology for the games. Therefore, if they want to come up with positive result, they should employ new people or train existing employees with right skills.

  1. Therefore, they can manage their jobs easily. Finally, based on the results of the empirical research, the author was able to conclude about the human resource training and development in VPI.
  2. As Siemens provide training to their employees to improve their performance as well as have up-to-date knowledge and skills remain competent in the highly competitive market.
  3. When they are, analyze their requirements of training, and then they can set an expected future or business objective for them.
  4. Siemens graduation programs is a training program in different but relevant field for the graduates.
  5. Therefore, Siemens attract fresh talent graduates and ambitious or skillful employees towards their organization.

By workforce, planning Siemens can maintain Competitive advantage and establish a channel of talent and minimization of knowledge gap by giving retirement of old employees and fill this gap by promotion of existing employees.

In this way, workforce planning enables Siemens to identify its training needs.

Training and development as a strategy for growth 2. Evaluate Siemens entry-level development program. This entry-level talent means fresh graduates who are going to begin their career with Siemens after education.

For these new talents they are developing three programs. People become skilled worker through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training by a structured process called apprenticeships.

Siemens offer different types of technical apprenticeships like traffic signal or design engineer and this apprenticeship aimed to school leavers. This apprenticeship program is very effective for Siemens as this is a off-the job college training and on-the job work experience. Majority of workers are starting their working life from their hometown, so they can work comfortably in known workplace. After training awarded by HND. New concept in India. Communication skill and ability to work in team needed, so Siemens can ensure better workforce.

Employees can get experience and attachment to the company, a feeling of trust and responsibility is established. Commitment, build relationship, job satisfaction, loyalty. That is why Siemens believes apprenticeships provide a clear route in developing staff for the future growth of the organization. It launched in 2005 to ensure the entrance of financial and commercial talents within Siemens Company. It aimed to the students of Business and finance.

Its time duration of four years established an alternative to going directly to university. Therefore, those, students can graduate with a real life experience with Siemens. It includes various finance and commercial placements like Accounting, Human Resource, and Procurement and Corporate areas. Therefore, they can specialize to them in various ways.

This program supports European College of Business Management Degree with personnel development training such as communication and presentation skills. Specialized program like Information technology and verbal communication like Language training in German is also available.

This program helps them to enable multitasking as they are learning and doing jobs in Siemens. It is very effective program for them, because at the same time, they can earn valuable experience and formal or job related learning.

They are becoming an asset of Siemens, because of their chance of innovation, and solving ability of financial problem in future for Siemens. Siemens graduation programs is a training program in different but relevant field for the graduates. Siemens recruits graduate into three core areas of the business. These are engineering, information technology, and business. Each graduate, who joined in Siemens, treated as an individual.

Therefore, they can develop themselves by their own choice in relevant field. For example, graduates of IT can do some training program on Simulation computer programming or Design software. Siemens supports graduate to gain further qualifications. So their graduate profile can be verifying by taking training through popular institution such as IET or IMech.

Graduates can obtain different type of training. Therefore, they can earn extra qualification in different sectors. Like Graduates of engineering can take a course on HR or supply chain management to work on different project with their varieties of knowledge in Siemens Company 4.

Siemens supports their graduate employee in studies to gain such qualification like CIPD in distance learning to establish a talent pipeline and best employee image. That is how Siemens entry-level development program can thrive to their business growth. Training and development as a strategy for growth 3.

Explain five benefits, which Siemens can attain through training and development? Training and development programs of Siemens give them varieties of benefit and advantage. Case study of training and development in hr as improvement of services and customer feedback, responding to competition with other multinational companies and creating greater job satisfaction.

Five benefits that Siemens can attain through training and development: Flexible adaptable employees take on new roles and technology: Siemens is a place of learning and development. It is a place for innovation. Because most of Siemens sector is automation, drive technology, energy, financial solution, healthcare, mobility, lighting, IT solutions, consumer products and building technologies. Therefore, new invention and innovation is an important matter for Siemens.

Siemens is now working on a broad global arena. Therefore, their training and development can enable flexible and adaptable employees to respond with new environment and situation. They can take new role by completing training program and making new invention in technology. Improving productivity and earning more revenue: Training and development program increases the productivity of existing employees because of new skill with new demographics and situations.

Training and development is less costly than recruiting of new staff. Therefore, they are earning more revenue. In addition, trained employees are more confident, enthusiastic and skilled. Therefore, they can manage their jobs easily. Siemens ensures long-term employee commitment by possessing development programs such as apprenticeships. These programs are attaching employees with Siemens from their study level and they are going to stay here for long time for their own development and future qualification.

Therefore, it creates a long-term employee commitment by establishing trust, company society and responsibility for Siemens. Attractive to future employees: Siemens training program is attractive to future employees. Through Siemens, a graduate can gain chartered engineer status through institution such as IET. They can take a part on different training programs by their choice or in relevant case study of training and development in hr.

Every graduate gets a chance to take a two-year program, consists of nine modules including team working, customer focus, project management, communication skill and business writing. Therefore, Siemens attract fresh talent graduates and ambitious or skillful employees towards their organization. Training and development as a strategy for growth Employee confidence, motivation and job satisfaction: Employee confidence and motivation increased when they are going though by different development process.

By improving development opportunities, employees feel the company values them. The staff works better when valued that create long-term commitment and benefits to the company.