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A reflection of the 911 attack in the united states pop culture

Television[ edit ] Cartoons and anime[ edit ] In the 1985 cartoon M. Hovering the Thunderhawk outside the window, Matt leaps through the window and confronts Miles, who later escapes and is pursued by Matt around the Statue of Liberty. In the 1986 animated series The Real Ghostbustersin the episode "The Bogeyman is Back" the Twin Towers are the sight of a battle between the Ghostbusters and a blue ghost. During the battle, Egon Spengler is caught in the ghost's crosshairs and hangs from one of the towers.

He falls, but is saved by Winston Zeddemore in a flying chopper and brought back to the roof as the other Ghostbusters Ray Stantz and Peter Venkman capture the ghost. The Twin Towers were depicted as being part of the skyline of New York City in multiple episodes of the 1987 version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon television series: Later Agent 1 appears on the North Tower and uses a laser to slice the antenna to make a bridge over to the South Tower. This episode did not air in the United States, because the show was cancelled after six episodes.

The episode is found in Europe and Canada. In the 1994 cartoon Fantastic Four an episode titled "Incursion of the Skrull" featured New York City with the Twin Towers getting destroyed and crumbled by the laser blasters by one of the Alien Skrulls jet planes during the invasion of New York where people in New York are panicking which later turned out to be a handheld video game played by a superhero named "The Thing.

In Futuramathere is a future WTC in New York, with its appearance very similar to the old one, except with skybridges. In the 1994 animated series Gargoyles the Twin Towers are seen in a few episodes such as the 5 part pilot as well as the 3rd Season opening of The Goliath Chronicles. The second-season episode "The Mirror" has an antagonist gargoyle, Demona, use a magical mirror with help from Puck atop the South Tower at night in order to amplify and broadcast an evil magic spell to all of New York City's human population.

Ironically, this episode first aired on September 11, 1995.

  • A judge in his case assumed he had used sodium cyanide but that it had burned off from the heat of the explosion;
  • Nancy Gibbs and Nathan Thornburgh profiled Beyer and two of her classmates on the eve of their graduations:

In the 1998 animated series Godzilla: In the animated series Hey Arnold! The show however is set mainly in the fictional city of Hillwood which is set in the Pacific Northwest Brooklyn is one of the inspirations for the fictional city, the city however is mostly inspired by Seattle.

  • In the pilot episode of the US version of Life on Mars , a shot of the Twin Towers with the upper floors still under construction is used to show the character is presumed back in time, to the year 1973;
  • The World According to Michael.

In the animated sitcom The Simpsons: In the season 9 episode titled " The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson " 1997Homer is forced to deal with a mountain of parking tickets issued, while his car sat illegally for months in the Austin J. Homer, desperately needing to use the restroom, pushes people out of his way to get a ticket to the elevator into the towers.

After pushing other people out of the elevator line to get to the top of the South Tower, Homer discovers the only working bathroom is in the North Tower. Some Fox affiliates continue to show the episode in syndication, including New York City's own WNYW Fox 5airing the unaltered episode less than two weeks after the towers collapsed. In the episode " New Kids on the Blecch ", the towers can be seen as L. This episode was also taken off the air due to a scene where missiles are seen crashing into the MAD Magazine tower causing the building to collapse, providing a character to ask if everyone is okay; another replies "Yeah I feel great.

The Proto-Clown" featured twin towers similar to the actual towers getting destroyed and demolished by an evil mutated clown. In the first episode of the 2001 fantasy anime OVA Read or Diean aerial battle in Lower Manhattan which climaxes around the Statue of Liberty begins with a helicopter crash on the roof of one of the towers.

In The Penguins of Madagascar episode, " Operation: In " City of Steel ," Megatron's Constructicons steal buildings such as the Empire State Building and replace them with Cybertronian buildings and towers. In the animated sitcom Family Guy: During the musical, Peter jumps off one of the towers and goes into match cut.

In the 2002 episode " Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows ", Brian performs a musical number to Pearl about how America has changed since the 1950s. Many cut scenes show places around the United States, including a shot of the Twin Towers. When the episode aired in 2002 on Fox, the two towers were digitally altered to look like generic buildings. In the episode " Hannah Banana ", the September 11 attacks are seen as an Islamic man crashing a bicycle into one of the Twin Towers.

In the episode " Back to the Pilot ", Brian informs his past self from 1999 of the attacks on the WTC, allowing his past self to prevent them and, consequently, prevent George W. Bush from winning the 2004 U. The latter then reformed the confederacy while based in Texas ; as a result, eight southern states joined and initiated a Second American Civil War.

In the TV a reflection of the 911 attack in the united states pop culture Barney Miller 1975—1982the Twin Towers were depicted in its intro before the opening credits from season 2 until the end of the series. One final shot appeared in the episode September 10, set the day before the attacks.

  • They worried about water systems, transportation networks, and military installations;
  • All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us;
  • In the episode, a faction of the U;
  • They were digitally inserted to show the time frame of the episode;
  • The term Lawrence gave to this kind of semantic warfare was diathetics, a phrase borrowed from the Greek philosopher Xenophon.

In the episode, a faction of the U. Time Force 2001the Time Shadow was seen standing on the Twin Towers, just before the title of the show appears.

Al Qaeda Won

The episode is a two-parter called " Storm Front. A subsequent confrontation as the would-be thief is caught is violently interrupted by Flight 11 crashing into the North Tower.

The characters involved then scramble to leave the South Tower after it is also struck. Fictional footage of the attack as seen from the interior of the office was digitally created, but stock footage was also used for other scenes and later flashbacks. In a 2005 episode of Lost the Twin Towers are seen out of the window of a New York solicitor's office. They were digitally inserted to show the time frame of the episode.

Those featuring the towers were retired after the attacks. As the shot pans out, it is visually clear that the Twin Towers are CGI, as the darker "bands" the Skylobbies are not visible. After sun flashes onto the screen, the Towers are less dark and have darker "bands. In a first-season episode of Journeyman the Twin Towers are seen in picture on the front page of a San Francisco newspaper when the main character goes back in time before the terrorist attacks.

The opening credits of Seasons 1 and 2 show both towers still under construction. During a scene on a ferry in the season three episode titled "A Little Plot A reflection of the 911 attack in the united states pop culture Tranquil Valley", a completed North Tower and a partially constructed South Tower can be seen in the background.

The towers also appeared in the opening credits of later seasons when McCloud was carried by a helicopter across Manhattan. One of them appears in almost every episode as a vision to Tommy. In the pilot episode of the US version of Life on Marsa shot of the Twin Towers with the upper floors still under construction is used to show the character is presumed back in time, to the year 1973.

Televised advertisements[ edit ] An Anheuser-Busch advertisement for Budweiser beer features the company's signature Clydesdale horses appearing to pay their respects to the tower-less New York skyline. In Eurosport 's Olympic Magazine commercial, a few seconds of the beginning of the North Tower collapse are shown. The cover of the album Breakfast in America by Supertramp features the New York City skyline and the twin towers, portrayed as common kitchen items, from the view of an airplane window.

It is possible for the player to crash a helicopter into one of the towers. The 1988 arcade game Vigilante features a panoramic shot of New York City on the title screen. This same title screen was included in the TurboGrafx-16 version. New York 1988 features establishing shots of the city, including the Twin Towers, still standing in an alternate future where the world is taken over by the Orbs.

The 1992 Super NES version of the game shows the characters heading back towards the Twin Towers in the ending cutscene. The Twin Towers are depicted in the intro about a post-apocalyptic New York in control by a criminal gang with bio hazard weapons plus are a focal point in the start screen.

They are also visible in the background of the second level. King of the Monsters 2 1992 for the Neo-Geo has the Twin Towers in the first level, there is a bonus for destroying them. The player is able to destroy the buildings, along with all others in New York City.

Buildings 1—6, and the western pedestrian bridge are all accessible to drive around. The stairways on both sides of the complex double as jumps for the racers. Both towers appear to be the South Tower, however, as both have the South Tower's observation deck, and the North Tower lacks the antenna.

On "Take a Ride" mode, the player starts on a road just south of and facing the South Tower. On original a reflection of the 911 attack in the united states pop culture of the game, the box art showed the twin towers.

The Twin Towers appear briefly in the first level of the arcade video game 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker 2000. The PlayStation 2 version, released after September 11, 2001, has the towers omitted. The first level of the 2000 video game Deus Exset in 2052, encompasses Liberty Island and a bombed Statue of Liberty.

The section of the New York City skyline containing the Twin Towers is absent, to reduce memory requirements for the map. The reason that the developers gave, if anyone asked, was that they had been destroyed by terrorists: That's kind of freaky.

Street Racing 2000 features the entire complex, where players can drive into the Austin Tobin Plaza in between the Twin Towers. Westwood retooled the box art before re-releasing the game. They are also visible in the background in the beginning of the mission "The American Dream". The buildings were visible in the PC version of the game, however they were removed from the PlayStation 2 and Xbox ports of the game, which were released in December 2001.

If an aircraft managed to get through the buildings, the towers would pulverize. In the week of September 11, 2001, the game was removed from sale over the internet. Lycos apologized for the game and pulled it from Angelfire arcade. Unlike in the original game, the burning towers in the remake were made to look more realistic and similar to how they were destroyed during the actual disaster. New York Defender can still be found today in arcade and flash gaming websites.

The building was cut from the game, delaying both games' releases. The level involved battling Hyper- Electro and the antenna atop the North Tower was crucial in defeating the villain. The game was originally released in North America on August 26, 2001, though the game was pulled after the attacks and re-released on October 17, 2001, with a modified final stage so that the buildings less resemble the Twin Towers.

The 2005 video game True Crime: New York City features a fenced-off "Ground Zero". Further into the park, there is a Pentagon -shaped base, with the American flag at half mast.

An inscription on the side reads We Will Never Forget. In the latter half of the game, set in 2006, the entire area is replaced by a fenced-off building site.

In World in Conflict 2007the teaser trailer for the game prominently features the skyline of New York City during a U.