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The songs and verse i chose and the reasons for my choice

  • And unlike the Jagger song, Petty has no reason whatsoever to lie since it pretty much makes the lyrics less cool than people want to believe they are;
  • The secondary and larger interpretation is of Christ, the Son and His heavenly bride, the Church 2Co 11;
  • So much strife could be avoided in the family and in the church if we would put a premium on our relationships, set aside our rights, and let the Lord take care of us;
  • Neither "development" nor "experimentation" seems the right description.

I get where the person is coming from but it just seems really judgey and like they are using this venue to spout their personal views on things that offend them personally. I think there is a place for all these songs in their season and the right context. Critical feedback like this is what causes so many people to burn out, quit and feel shut down.

Corporate worship is prescribed by God himself. There is no real way for you to make that an absolute, right? Tim Hey Gondolin, can you cite your Biblical sources for your point of view?

The clearest example is likely King David in 2 Samuel 6, who was doing a celebratory dance. As you may recall, it appears as though it was the lady who was punished by the Lord rather than David. I also know about worshiping God in Heaven, and I have no problems with that.

Moreover, the second point is not so much an answer to my question as another way of asking it.

Could you please help me see where the Bible instructs us to keep emotional praise for our Almighty Father outside of worship services? I hope that makes sense.

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Once again, to clarify. Why do we actively need to separate liturgical and individual praise? Is there no room for overlap? In my personal prayer time I will repeat over and over to the Lord that I love Him. In my experience in denominational churches that used a traditional type of service which included a lot of those theologically deep or correct in your estimation, hymns, I found that no matter the lyrical content, one could just as easily sing them without thinking on jot or tiddle about the meaning of the words.

Many of them, as has been stated, were protested by the church of the day because they were sung to the tune of common bar songs. And, while I agree that there are some songs I would like to see taken off the list, both contemporary and hymn-wise, I suspect that this is mostly born out of personal preference and not whether or not God is pleased with our worship if it is only in a particular form.

However, I have seen just as much of it in denominational churches with Ministers of Music and Special Singers and Pastors…. The bottom line is this: If it contradicts the truth of the Word, throw it out. Just something to think about. The Hymnal came way after the Bible Was written. The meaning of the word Hymn is simply a song written by man. By this definition even the newest songs we sing are Hymns. This is a beautiful new hymn for the church today.

HeLovesUsSo I feel that this woman is just takingthings the wrong way.

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How could you turn a song someone wrote to give God glory and praise into something sick and perverse. No one of God gets billboard list songs. Perhaps you should question that.

I bet his ears bleed when he hears it. I bet his whole being hurts when he feels the power of God in the souls of man because we are born of sin. When that sin within us is exposed to the Holy Spirit, Satan and his minions can feel it.

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Why would you trust in a calling such as this. No one stands in for Christ. Christ is Christ, we need no priest other than him. Please read Hebrews, the idea that we need clergy to facilitate is worship is damaging and patently unbiblical. However, the pastor is the shepherd of the local church and is charged by God to take care of that local church.

See the other passages Ephesians? I mean, look at the whole Mark Driscoll controversy. Posey Scripture reference where the pastor is referred to as the shepherd? Jordan Jolly Does the priesthood of the believer have any place in this? Grace, grace and more grace. Corporate worship, praise, general worship or any other form is a cross bought gift. There should be great joy and awe in every form of worship.

God made us for His glory and is greatly glorified when His church unites in ascribing worth to Him in a spirit of thanksgiving, reverence, and joy; recounting to Him the great works He has done. It is shortly thereafter that he got involved with Bathsheba.

The end of that relationship was the death of his child. King David may not have come through unscathed. There appears to be a lot more need of study. As for David, he was leaping with all of his might in the Old Testament version of underwear. Should one be surprised that his wife went a little overboard, seeing her husband dancing virtually naked in front of the servant girls?

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I feel as though you missed my point, however. Ralph A Jansen I am not saying whether David was punished or not, but there is a line of belief that shows that there were consequences. Bathsheba and the death of Nathan, his son. So while his actions may have been acceptable to God, the audience, and public nature of his actions may not have been.

He danced to God, but, as a consequence to being out in public…two people died. That parallel has been drawn by some. Heath Michael his wife was punished she was cursed by God and became barren. There is NO direct correlation there. David was a sinful man and wanted Bathsheba. That is the line of consequences.

  • Abram lived for God and came up full;
  • Choices often result in eternally significant consequences;
  • Have more than one song ready When preparing for an audition, you should have about five songs that you can pull out of your hat at any time;
  • Kipling had a firm belief in the British Empire and what he thought it should be, while recognising its faults.

His dancing in public did not cause the deaths of two people. What caused the deaths of two people were the sins of lust and adultery. Instead of being with the warriors, David was in his palace looking over the city. He saw Bathsheba and lusted after her.

He sent for her and they committed adultery. David wanted her to be a wife or part of his concubine and found a way for her husband to die without him being fingered. However, there were three besides David who knew about the murder. The army general, the prophet, and God. His sin was not without consequence. He also died as a result of the sin and his rebellion.

Even with this, God still used him and still uses him today with the writings of the Psalms contained in the Word of God. He sent for Uriah in hopes that he might persuade Uriah the Hittite to lay with Bathsheba his wife and thus not be found guilty in the eyes of men.

  1. Still with me so far?
  2. Language changes, pure and simple. If we truly do see Christ in all of the bible, then we also see his covenant faithfulness to his church in all ages.
  3. Ralph A Jansen I am not saying whether David was punished or not, but there is a line of belief that shows that there were consequences. Benny Hinn demonstrated this idea of God being in breath when he was famously filmed blowing on people and even on himself to slay them in the spirit.
  4. It comes down to prooting peace and not division. Those principles encompass the whole Bible and take a lifetime to learn thoroughly.

However, Uriah rather nobly refuses saying that it would not be right for him to do that while the army of Israel and the ark of the lord were out at battle where he felt he should be, and where David should have felt it his responsibility to be also. It was only after this refusal of Uriah and inability of David to cover his sin from the eyes of men not God that David sent orders to Joab to make sure Uriah died in battle.

This is when he took Bathsheba as his wife, but that was not his original intention. Anyway, even after all of this God still loved David and spared him, even blessed he and Bathsheba with another son you may have heard of him, his name was Solomon. I only addressed the content and order of corporate worship. Scripture is very prescriptive about this. Some things have changed, as Jesus said they would. That is where He commands his covenant blessings as He always has and always will.

Except that you already took David out of context, since our new covenant church service corresponds to temple worship. David in no way intended his skillful individual expression of praise to be prescribed for temple worship. If you want to see what innovative worship looks like in the Old Testament, ask Nadab and Abihu.

Tim Hey Gondolin, I still am not sure that I understand your points. I may just be slow to understand, but I genuinely appreciate all of you trying to explain your point of view to me!

  1. New versions help with that immensely.
  2. My general conception of worship has, up to this point, allowed for emotional music in church services.
  3. There is much more in life than the outward and material.

I value both of those things very highly in a worship service. Or how you think you know what it is, for that matter. I just referenced a story of worship in the Bible where God is praised with great emotion! My general conception of worship has, up to this point, allowed for emotional music in church services.

I have never taken issue with it. All that being said, will someone please give me some texts to suggest why emotional songs can be sung outside of church, but ought not to be included in regular worship services? I understand that our songs of praise ought to be respectful, and I understand that our worship services are formal, ordered, events of corporate worship. However, I do not see why respect for God and the formality of worship services are mutually exclusive with personal emotions.

Certainly not one that needs to be responded to by vaguely insinuating that God ought to burn me with fire from Heaven! You say you are studying to be a preacher. Does your school allow for any version of a bible to be used for reference or to preach out of?