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The different issues faced and solved by a christian minister

The six challenges are largely a result from my own experience. Pastoral ministry is gloriously challenging. If you are a young pastor, may these six challenges be helpful for you as you identify potential obstacles. So here they are, six challenges young pastors face. The Challenge of Experience When I was being considered as the Senior Pastor at Forest Hills, this is the one great concern that came up time and time again was my experience.

As a 25 year old guy at the time, the concerns were not only real but valid. Thankfully my lack of experience was made up by their careful observation of my leadership and ministry the past few years. Yet young pastors face this very obstacle; we just are not very experienced.

The 6 Challenges Young Pastors Face

Seminary can be a great teacher, but so can the school of hard knocks. Young pastors have to deal with crisis, problems, and obstacles for the first time. How can young pastors compensate for their lack of experience? First, read, read, and read some more. Learning from the experience of others can help prepare you. Second, hang out with older, wiser pastors. Spend some time with some men who have been in the trenches of ministry a while and glean from their experiences.

The Challenge of Balance Young Pastors tend to struggle to balance between church and family. Pastoral ministry is largely unlike any other profession in that your personal and professional life blur into one. It is impossible to separate the two into nice, neat little compartments.

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As a result it is easy to begin getting out of balance, spending to many hours focused on studying, visits, meetings, and emails at the expense of family. Young Pastors tend to have young families with young children. This makes the balance especially tricky. This challenge I have yet to truly figure out I doubt I ever will! For you young pastors out there, we must guard the church from becoming our second wife. The Challenge of Patience To be young is to be impatient.

Young Pastors want results and want them now.

My generation is the fast food, instant gratification generation. We want what we want when we want it. Yet, people are not fast food restaurants. It takes time, patience, and diligent investment to often see spiritual fruit. Young pastors must be taught patience by the Spirit and seek to be consistent and have the endurance to stay in the same place.

Young Pastors, we must be patient with our people as God has been patient towards us.

Be faithful in preaching the Word week in and week out. You might not see immediate fruit and results, but the Spirit is working. Give it time and you will be amazed at God will do. Earn it by watching your life and your teaching. If you are faithful seek to preach the word of Christ and live the life of Christ, you will earn the respect of your people.

The Challenge of Humility Young men tend to be overly self-confident. Humility comes naturally to no human being, but is especially absent in young men. As a young pastor, you can begin to really on your own gifting, education, and ideas more than the Spirit of God.

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Young Pastor, you must be teachable and humble. Be open to be corrected. Be quick to repent of your sin.

  • But soon it became clear that some of them, perhaps most of them, possessed a commitment that was actually much shallower than they professed it to be;
  • Are we who seek to follow our Lord and Saviour really deeply committed to do it?
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  • They are in crisis because so many of them do not know who they are and they do not know why they are doing what they are doing.

Humble yourself and ask for the forgiveness of others. Pray that the Spirit would humble you and learn to think of yourself as servant to all. In fact, I find myself sinfully thinking if God will be faithful in my ministry.

Yet God is a God who can be trusted. More than that, he is the only one who can do anything with the mess of our ministries. All pastors should be marked by an incredible, daily dependency on God. In your ministry you will get discouraged. You will want to quit and throw in the towel.

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Yet, always trust Him. You Will Face Challenges Young pastors do face unique challenges and obstacles. Be dependent on God in all things in your ministry. By his grace you will grow in these areas and may we run the race of pastoral ministry well and be faithful by the chief shepherd Jesus Christ.

What challenges have you experienced as a young pastor?

  1. Throughout Scripture we learn by precept and story that God always resists human pride, and human beings who are proud.
  2. So often we fail, but even as failures we tend to be puffed up. To take the Bible seriously down to the jot and tittle is to live and serve by faith.
  3. Second, hang out with older, wiser pastors. And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?
  4. Such a church will look like the first church described for us in the book of Acts.

Any you would add to this list?