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List of thesis proposal for computer science

A calibration system for a visual prosthesis 4.

MS in Computer Science Master's Thesis Listing

A collaborative web-based genome browser for large-scale epigenomic analysis 5. A covert channel based on weak memory 7. A Household Mobile Robot 12. A Journey through the Lattice 13. A service oriented cross-platform approach to perform thermodynamic calculations 23. A System for Retrograde Analysis in Chess 24.

A System to Assist with Teaching Allocation 26. A usability Analysis of Privacy-preserving mobile applications through crowd sourcing 27.

Advertisement Management System 35. Airline Reservation System 36. Allocation problems in practice 38. An Insight on a Mobile Friendly Web 44. An Interactive Mitochondrial Database 50. Analysing logs of super computers and data centres for anomaly detection 51. Analysis and Debugging Techniques of Android Platform 53.

Analysis of next generation sequencing data of microbial communities 54. Analysis of Protocols for High-assurance Networks 55. Android App for School of Arts and Design 56.

  1. Causal disease mutation identification in whole genome sequencing data 115. Game design Games for Vision Science 267.
  2. Identification and resolution of issues in systems security 331.
  3. Safety Notification Broadcast System 545.
  4. Group Messenger Application using Android 312. Mobile Store Management System 417.
  5. Mobile Pharmacy Application in Android 412.

Android Application for Library Resource Access 57. Android Based Menu Ordering App 58. Android based processor for real-time image processing in a bionic eye implant 59.

Master's Thesis

Android Based Student Handbook 60. Android Implementation of the mSpeed mobile application 61. Android Joystick Application using Bluetooth 62. Android Mobile Quiz Game 63. Android Controlled Car 64. Answer Set Programming for Robot Control 66.

Application Analysis for Designing Embedded Hardware 68. Application Design and Measurement in Cloud Platforms 69. Application Locker Android 70.

Arabic Culture Course Management System 74. Architecture-driven Security Analysis 75. Assorted GIS Tools 77. Attendance and Monitoring System using Barcode Technology 78.

Attendance System using Barcode Technology 79. Automated Business Permit Issuance System 80. Automated Test Generation with Static Analysis 83. Automatic extraction of information from textual financial data 85. Availability Analysis for Applications in Public Cloud 88. Bacterial evolution modelling the dynamics of antibiotic resistance 89.

Past Theses

Belief Revision for General Game Playing 90. Big Data Platform 92. Big Data Provenance 93. Bioinformatics of the immune system 96. Bioinformatics software testing 97. Biometric authentication on Apple Watch 98. Book Catalog Application using Android 101. Building a Web Content Management System 105. Building Provably Secure Application 107. Business Permit Issuance System 109.

Cascading Style Sheet Generator 113. Cashiering and Queuing System 114. Causal disease mutation identification in whole genome sequencing data 115. Cemetery Mapping and Information System 117.

Chart feature facility packaged for map object java edition 118. Class Scheduling System 120. Class Time Table in Android 121. Classroom Management System 122. Click Modular Router on seL4 123. Client server based guidance system 124.

  • Verifying concurrent programs running on a real-time OS 645;
  • Mobile Real Estate Agent for Android 414;
  • Game AI Believeable Characters 264;
  • A Household Mobile Robot 12;
  • Bioinformatics of the immune system 96;
  • Android Implementation of the mSpeed mobile application 61.

Cloud-based computing for massively parallel single-cell transcriptomic analysis 126. Co-ordinating Multiple Cognitive Robotic Agents 128. Come and talk about topics of mutual interest 133. Comparative Analysis of Solutions to the Ramification Problem 134. Comparative Performance of Model checkers for epistemic logic 135. Computer Laboratory Time Management System 140.

Computer-Aided Instruction with Voice Recognition system 141. Computerized Assessment of School Fees 142. Computerized detection of lung diseases using HRCT images 143. Computerized Faculty Evaluation System 144.

  1. Android App for School of Arts and Design 56. Herbal Plants Information System 317.
  2. Book Catalog Application using Android 101.
  3. Causal disease mutation identification in whole genome sequencing data 115.
  4. The effect of antigen presentation on the T cell mediated immune response 615. Solving the Course Scheduling Problem 588.
  5. Decision support for a home telehealth system 167.

Concurrency theory and distributed systems 145. Controlling a mobile robot using speech 150. Conversational agents for health communication 152. Coordinating teams of robots 156. Customization for Mobile EBook Readers 162.

Cystic Fibrosis Patient Monitoring Application 163. Data Parallel Haskell Benchmark Suite 164. Data Races Detection in Java Programs 165. Deadlock Detection and Recovery in Linux 166. Decision support for a home telehealth system 167. Decoding the language of life epigenomic determinants for cell-type-specific signalling response 169.

Deep sequencing analysis of the early infection phase of hepatitis C virus 170. Dependable Auditing on Operations of in-Cloud Applications 171. Dependable Cloud Operations and Systems 172. Design and development of a Kinect-based 3D quantitative facial assessment tool for clinical practice 175. Designing a Better Authentication Model 181. Designing Adaptive Interfaces 182. Designing and implementing a memory-safe C language and its runtime library 183. Designing effective instructional animations 184.

Desktop Quiz game for HRM 186. Detect Malodorous Software Pattern and Refactor them 187. Detecting Exaggerated Rankings in Online Reviews 188.

Detecting software bug for List of thesis proposal for computer science programs 189. Detection of referrable stage of diabetic retinopathy in new retinal camera images 190. Developing new methods for analysis of next generation genome sequencing data 194.

Development of Json and Ajax enabled database driven user interfaces for science application portals 195. Dynamic program analysis for bug detection using static program slicing 204. E-commerce paypal integration 206.