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Influence of distinctively visual maestro journey of

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This will be seen through particular examples of images that show techniques of scenes from the texts.

In the text Maestro, the composer uses techniques of language to portray the image of Keller. In the image Darwin it shows how Paul has no respect for Keller. Even though Paul is cocky and smug this helps him developed a sense of respect for Keller when he learns more about who he truly is.

Is an image of a majestic, beautiful city with dirty, dark secrets is created. On the outside everything is pristine but behind closed doors evil is occurring. The effects of evil can be seen in Keller as he underestimated the extent of evil and even the music he loves becomes a weapon of evil, which was used against him as it became his enemy. He had felt optimistic about the safety of his family.

It stresses the importance of understanding the difference between just dying and murder. The visual image tells the responder the truth about Keller and all he was forced to endure.

However, he was wrong Hitler and his Nazis could and did still touch him and they took all he loved; his wife, his son. By using these techniques, the visual images will change as it will have a mayor impact on the way responders would have viewed these scene. Giving it a clearer view of understanding on what Keller went through and how he felt alone.

Maestro distinctively visual themes

Goldsworthy also uses a contrast of visual images relating to the character and their setting. The paintings most distinctive features salient features include its luminescent dark colours portraying the town, contrasted with bright yellow colour of stars. The stars appear to throw brilliant yellow light upon the town which is in a shadow of darkness with the stars being the only source of light. The perspective of the painting looks up at the starry night from ground level, emphasising the power, brilliance and light being shone down from the stars.

This also emphasises the darkness of low — lying town. The painting represents a contrast of emotions between fear, which is emphasised by the gloomy dark colours and wonder, which is emphasised by the lighter colours.

The imagery of light and dark conflicts images of sunset rising over the dark valley of the house which conveys hope and the uses of dark, gloomy imagery represent his own dreary ideas of society. Paintings can have a mayor effect on a viewer as you can already see what the artist is trying to convey in the image with the use of colours, shapes, lines and structure.

Giving this opportunity as an image it can create the feel of moods which can impact and change the perspectives of the responder. It is not only a painting with just pretty colours and shapes but a story that comes with it by distinctly visual minds. The music and emotionally feel links to the movement and swirls through the sky as if the sky is moving with the music of Keller.

Even if it is a novel or a painting both can have mayor changes through the mind of one.