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Explain the purpose of keeping records of travel accommodation arrangements in a business environmen

Business Admin Level 2 Essay - Part 2

Donatas Mendelis Business and Administration Unit two: Principles of providing administrative services Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. Please note that this Assessment document has 9 pages and is made up of 9 Sections. These blocks can be used for unwanted or not important calls, and feature is activated or deactivated by pressing a number few of keys on the phone keypad.

Prepare a brief report advising people on: If possible, use specific information from procedures in your own organisation or one that you are familiar with. After you get to know about company telephone systems for business, you start understand organisation business size, number of workers, organisational structure and culture, the connections between telephone using and out of telephone usage the employees numbers. What are reasons to indentify customer needs and wants proceeding telephone calls?

Important is clients name and address details spelled correct saving onto the customers database to retrieve it later.

  1. Communications need to be kept at every location, so the business person must have the necessary technical equipment such as mobile phones, ipad, or lap top.
  2. Regularly cleaning equipment can mean that it will last longer and save money as well as producing a higher quality result.
  3. The keypad has pre-set dial numbers, Speed dialling each button or key sends call to a specific number.

Ask to help you to spell out each detail if you ensure. You may inform them or transfer to right department so advice them sooner. Phone procedures may include answering calls to certain number of rings using right tone and giving standard greeting, also read specific scripts on certain calls.

When making calls you should plan and know the aim of the call. To stay clear you may need arrange meeting, get information or provide some data that receive positive responses. Always stay logic within priority of things needed to say explaining your point of view. Ask questions when you or your talker unclear about call purpose ensuring polite tone and appropriate voice sounds. How to make positive impressions and why is important portray a positive image over the phone? Being operative — conduct help to grow your reputation dealing professional and efficiently, know about things you do while operating telephone system.

Always seek clarification in a polite manner, and repeat information when required to recipient. Thank the person you have called for their time. Summarising the calls you reviewing key facts of all calls received or done, and making conclusions to overcome your misunderstandings.

These are tips helps to impress people. Section 2 — Understand how to handle mail 1.

Explain the purpose of correctly receiving, checking and sorting mail and packages both incoming and outgoing. What does the mail means and why mail is important working in a business environment?

Because various information received by post have level of importance, required daily accuracy of mail handling. Examples of incoming post can be orders for products or services, various information requests about products or services, cheque payments, invoices from suppliers, applications and contract type documents, packages with equipment delivered, and many other things.

Outgoing mail for business purposes is known as purchase orders, invoices to customers or letters sending to various offices - HMRC, county courts, and employment tribunals, also information about payments has made or products sent to clients and suppliers. Sole traders manage and process post they selves, when large firms — staff working in a business environment - the offices.

What are purposes of correctly receiving, checking and sorting mail including packages? Recommended actions for incoming mail are to open mail firstly, remove content, and date stamp mail. When checking you should attach the items enclosed and sort out accordingly organisational departments. You have to be confident and mark up type of delivery issues.

Outgoing mail need to collect and deliver to mail room for future postings at required time.

When sorting post for type of delivery needed you have to select categories of each item and insure if required avoiding a loss of money. Because post is measured and costs accordingly to letters or parcels weight you need to calculate postage cost and find out stamps at correct price for delivery options - post box, post office, and Royal Mail service. Complete the table below with the following information: Internal mail can be reused in organisation 1.

Royal Mail — available for an organisations often sent in unsealed special envelop in A4 sending letters and parcels around the UK paper size, and have many boxes that are and Internationally. Business, marketing, or used in order. If in internal mail circulating parcels despatch service and information number of people, a list of recipients may be available from: Intranet is used to circulate internal mail 2.

International Technology IT - used in using organisation website by checking and a business situations as written selecting appropriate service options to communication method e-mails and collect the post you wish to send. Quote or attached documents, reports. How to calculate postage charges for mail and packages? At first, you need find out external mail service or search for Royal Mail through Google using Internet.

There you may compare mail costs and calculate your post usage for a period easily saving your data. However, you need to estimate time and date for delivery, also destination, and the size weigh and shape of the mail. When you compare about post costs you find two or three key providers selecting one of the best service to value transferring your mail. Post Offices in England is more often used mail collection stations to post or delivery letters and parcels through Royal Mail.

There are post costs calculation advisors, customer service and do all job for you in advance. Section 3 — Understand how to use different types of office equipment 1.

Different Types of Meetings

Describe the main types of equipment found in offices and how they are used. Include examples of at least three different types of office equipment. What is office equipment and what are office tools? How they are used? To work in the office required a lot of office equipment.

Working administrative staff uses computers, lap-tops, printers, scanners, photocopiers, monitors, and work stations as a main office equipment to evaluate office activities within a business tasks. Computers always following IT such Microsoft Office programs installed to provide a wide range of functions within word processing, excel, databases, or power point presentation software useful for reporting, accounting, and publishing purposes.

Because computers are connected to Internet, researching markets or information collecting techniques are used for data storing and archiving, also retrieving. Specific antivirus program software should be installed to protect computer information systems while using the Internet.

You should take back ups monthly or weekly saving your work for future files retrieval or system restore. Monitors and printers are installed onto PC hardware and appear onto computers system within control panel for devices and printers selections.

Unit 2: Organisation of Travel and Accommodation in Business

Technology change allows connecting between computer and device within Internet connection wireless networkso both devices are controlled and monitored using computer or directly, however.

Various types of printers are known for office activities for printing work development, e. But number of printers offering all-in- one solutions to print, scan, photocopy, and fax. Photocopiers are used for number of documents copies exactly correct, which included letters, papers, and reports, also are incorporated into all-in-one for multipurpose as printer, scanner, and fax machine.

Off cause required fax machines and scanners working in a similar principle as all-in-one printers. In other words, technology change needs to adapt on time that avoid unsafe incorrect handling expensive equipment damaging the office assets. Usually manufacturer supplies instructions and guarantees about their technology explaining how to use it correct respecting new designs.

To put things right, follow instructions and health and safety is important for people operating new equipment. Incorrectly used equipment also may become harmful and unacceptable to people - they are protected by law.

Principles of Providing Administrative Services Answers

Breach of the law is criminal activity and may not to be tolerated, however. Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean, hygienic and ready for the next user. Why is important to keep clean office environment? Because clean equipment performs better than dirty, the benefits of clean office assets are product quality and higher business performance evaluating work results.

Important are to keep things tidy and ready to use by other people adopting a sloppy attitude. Because people rather would to increase job efficiency so hopes find the office equipment clean and hygiene before starting and finishing their job.

Some organisation produces official work standards or code of behaviour guidelines are helpful: If things are not clean and hygienic as a ready to use including the work culture created as sloppy, the needs of work colleagues are not carried out prompt. When everyone is diligent and respectful working in a team, the work environment is a nice place and welcome to everyone.

Administrative Support for Meetings

Section 4 — Understand how to keep waste to a minimum in a business environment 1. Explain why waste should be kept to a minimum in a business environment.

What are waste and what are types of waste? Rubbish, trash, junk, garbage, and waste are unwanted or undesired material or substance consisted of materials left over from manufacturing processes such industrial, catering, commercial, construction, or any other. What do you know about waste in a working environment? However, a faulty machine produces a defective product or service. A lot of waste need to be removed from the kitchen daily and cooking, dishwasher machines should be kept clean and hygienic.

These are kitchen staff job description and its activities. Why waste should be kept to a minimum in a business environment?

Specific orders of cooked food delivered sooner or later than customer want at the place is waste and cannot be recovered. Organisation which would reduce waste have an opportunity to work with a better performance is more efficient and more likely to satisfy customers or have a long term future relationship.

These are reasons of keeping waste at a minimum in a business environment. Identify at least two main causes of waste in a business environment.

What are main causes of waste or what are sources of waste? Because a working people with lack of knowledge often do mistakes or working irresponsible produce faulty goods including waste materials. Factors that effects waste in business are depended of types of industry, department, size in an organisation, culture, mix of staff including their age, gender, culture and value, also markets conditions and use of waste reduction approaches.

If it was a human error of know how to complete the task, but do something wrong in the process, its mean people needs a bigger experience. Lack of training — people do not know how to do a task as a result of poor selection or miss knowledge and training.