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The Sequel LeBron James' first act, becoming one of the greatest basketball players in history, is all but settled as a success. They don't do overnights. You are with this team. I do know LeBron likes special treatment. He needs things his way. Cavs case study lebron james harvard business school Dan Gilbert, a billionaire capitalist, can't buy away Carter's fealty to his lifelong friend, LeBron James.

Phil Jackson, who coached no less than Michael Effing Jordan, can't fathom a man challenging his team's travel itinerary -- so what kind of blasphemy would Jackson profess to see if he walked into Carter's Las Vegas hotel suite right now? It's a Thursday night in January, and Draymond Green, James' ostensible Warriors rival, laughs from a love seat in the marble-floored living room.

Crumpled on a nearby couch is a napping Chris Bosh, who's still waging a cold war with Riley's Heat. As of an hour ago, I didn't know this enormous, mahogany-walled edifice existed. Which is no accident. The Mansion's VIP-only villas, decorated in the style of a Florentine, yes, mansion, are hidden behind a warren of secure hallways linked to the MGM Grand's high-roller tables.

Welcome to an ironfisted coach's posse-driven fever dream. The all-stars Carter is referring to are the likes of Google, Amazon, Verizon, Facebook and Twitter, the luminaries of the planet's biggest tech convention, the Consumer Electronics Show. Carter's business partner, James, is back East with the Cavs -- the man, after all, has a day job. Green, who has the day off between home games, was a founding partner of Uninterrupted, SpringHill's online network for athlete-centric, nonjournalistic projects.

Now, as the 6-foot-4 Carter leans back in a wooden chair, his right leg up on a desk, he takes stock of the game plan that he and his decidedly more famous partner have committed to: And the long game here is to build a media company.

To really, truly build a media company. But SpringHill, named for the Akron projects where James lived until his rookie year, is attempting to win a harder game. Eighteen months ago, James and Carter persuaded that same studio to ink them to an overall production deal -- for film, television and digital video -- that Warner Bros.

A few months after that, Warner Bros. And so as James trudges toward a seventh straight NBA Finals, he delegates to Carter, trusting his erstwhile high school teammate to build out the SpringHill and Uninterrupted portfolios. Then there's The Wall, the prime-time NBC game show that premiered in January to roughly 7 million viewers and has already been picked up for 20 more episodes. There's Cleveland Hustles, an unscripted CNBC series, renewed for a second season, in which Ohio entrepreneurs compete to revitalize distressed neighborhoods.

There's the oft-discussed Space Jam 2, in development at Warner Bros. And there are three other scripted series -- a Cleveland-based family comedy and a sports medicine drama, both sold to NBC, and a comedy about assistants at a sports agency sold to CBS. And then they make sure to stress something else: We can all see our mistakes. Let's get in the bunker together.

He underscored one of his cardinal rules: When players call Johnson for counsel, which happens all the time, he stops them cold if they mention any business plan -- be it for a record label, a car wash, a production company -- featuring a buddy or relative.

James was only 5 when he first befriended Case study lebron james harvard business school, whose 9th birthday party he attended because of a mutual family friend. When James was a freshman at St. Mary, Carter was the senior captain on their state championship basketball team. So as I relay Johnson's philosophy to James, now 32, the question hangs in the air: Didn't he worry about empowering personal friendship over professional experience?

To James, Carter is what makes entrepreneurship worthwhile.

  1. He underscored one of his cardinal rules.
  2. To James, Carter is what makes entrepreneurship worthwhile. In 2015, James left the guaranteed millions of McDonald's to hawk Blaze Pizza, a smaller franchise in which he and Carter were original investors.
  3. Meanwhile, James has nothing but praise for the way his friends, and Carter in particular, have managed his career.
  4. The Mansion's VIP-only villas, decorated in the style of a Florentine, yes, mansion, are hidden behind a warren of secure hallways linked to the MGM Grand's high-roller tables.

James, only 20, yearned to become his own kind of boss. A few years from now, an America Online columnist wrote in 2005, when LeBron needs knee surgery, he'll have his plumber do the job. Of course, back in 2010, when James jerseys were non-metaphorically on fire across America, such jokes landed differently. At the time, NBA commissioner David Stern called the show "ill-conceived, badly produced and poorly executed. The same could be said of ESPN.

That fall, CNBC reported that it "was one of the most detrimental acts -- not related to any anti-social behavior -- by a sports personality since the Q Scores were first developed more than 45 years ago.

But as America resolved to hate-watch James, LRMR pivoted, seeking an outside opinion on public relations that would case study lebron james harvard business school made Magic proud. Adam Mendelsohn, a political strategist who'd advised Fortune 50 clients and served as deputy chief of staff to California Gov. Mendelsohn's mission was to forecast the series of consequences that come crashing down, domino-like, whenever an intensely scrutinized celebrity makes a public decision.

But it was Mendelsohn who managed the announcement. This time LeBron took to print, breaking the news with a heartfelt, Ohio-focused Sports Illustrated cover essay that helped complete an EKG-like trajectory. Like Anakin Skywalker, James went from hero Nike slogan: And if Riley's Heat -- like Gilbert's Cavs in 2010 -- also felt viscerally betrayed?

The production was unassailable. By returning to the Cavs, LeBron won over the millions of viewers who hate-watched him in "The Decision. Wachter, a Los Angeles-based financial adviser whom James hired after leaving the Goodwin brothers, always believed their partnership was answer enough. LeBron and Maverick, when they first started out in Akron, went through the trouble of finding a financial guy in LA who turned out to be 25 years older than they are.

They did the research! Of course they're intelligent. They're unusually intellectually curious -- they both are. Many celebrities and athletes just go, 'Wow, we're making money! Let's go buy a Bentley! Wachter advised James, who loves biking, to buy an ownership stake in Cannondale Bicycle Corp. LRMR would cash out a year later, after Cannondale had quadrupled in value. The next year, James and Carter acquired equity in Beats Electronics, which was co-founded by Iovine.

No other active pro athlete can claim to be an owner of a team that size.

LeBron: The Sequel

In 2015, James left the guaranteed millions of McDonald's to hawk Blaze Pizza, a smaller franchise in which he and Carter were original investors. Blaze would be named the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America in 2016. And then, before 2015 was over, Wachter negotiated James' landmark lifetime deal with Nike. Their relationship has been mutually beneficial.