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A history of the tang dynasty and their rule of china

Tang Tri-colored Glazed Pottery Viewing the Chinese history record, you will find the Tang Dynasty was the most glistening historic period in China's history.

Founded in 618 and ending in 907, the state, under the ruling of the Tang Emperors, became the most powerful and prosperous country in the world. Particularly, in this glorious period, the economy, politics, culture and military strength reached an unparalleled advanced level. Establishment At the end of Sui Dynasty 581 - 618the whole country fell into chaos due to the tyranny of Emperor Yang; rebellions roused by peasants were everywhere.

In 618 after Emperor Yang was killed by his chancellor, Yuwen Huaji, Li Yuan seized the chance to proclaim himself emperor and changed the state title into Tang, still with Chang'an as the capital city. Glorious Period The first glorious period was from 627 to 649 when the Tang Dynasty was just set up and its national strength was recovering from the previous weak condition.

  • There were even government run schools to help educate more people;
  • The equal-field system of the Northern Wei Dynasty was also kept, with a few modifications.

Under Emperor Taizong Li Shimin's wise governing, the national strength and social development reached an unparalleled prosperity - economy and commerce flourished, the social order was stable, corruption never existed in the court and the national boundaries were even open to foreign countries.

Wu Meiniang was officially named Wu Zetian and afterwards became the empress.

Actually it was Wu Zetian who had the real power during Emperor Gaozong's reign since the emperor suffered from bad health. In 690, disregarding the objections and criticisms of all chancellors, Wu Zetian proclaimed herself Emperor Shengshen and established a new dynasty - Zhou, which lasted for 15 years. During her reign, the state economy continued to develop rapidly.

In 705, a coup broke out which brought one of the former emperors, Li Xian, to the throne as Emperor Zhongzong. However, Emperor Zhongzong's ruling was manipulated by his wife, Empress Wei. In 710, plotting to be the second woman emperor, Empress Wei along with Princess Anle poisoned Zhongzong.

After that, Li Dan was crowned as Emperor Ruizong. The second glorious period was during Emperor Xuanzong's reign. In that period, Chang'an City was the largest and the most prosperous metropolis in the world. Since the title of Xuanzong's reign was Kaiyuan, that period was called the Heyday of Kaiyuan, in which the dynasty reached its summit of prosperity.

  1. Buddhism became heavily persecuted in late Tang China.
  2. Of these 108 wards, two of them were designated as government-supervised markets, and other space reserved for temples, gardens, etc.
  3. The city was made famous for this checkerboard pattern of main roads with walled and gated districts, its layout even mentioned in one of Du Fu's poems. This was meant to encourage households to enroll for taxation and not avoid authorities, thus providing the government with the most accurate estimate possible.

Hopelessly, he indulged himself in the beauty of his concubine Yang Yuhuan. Besides, he also appointed some wicked chancellors who corrupted the political order.

Tang Dynasty

Meanwhile, troops on the frontiers gradually gathered together and formed a powerful military force. In 755, An Lushan aligned with Shi Siming and launched a rebellion, called the An Shi Rebellion which lasted for eight years and heavily knocked the Tang regime.

From then on, the national strength was weakened daily by separatist forces in local areas. Because of the incompetence of the emperors the dominance of the eunuchs and power struggles between chancellors became increasingly intense. Hence the Tang Dynasty declined from generation to generation.

  • Government officials were assigned based on their scores on the civil service examinations;
  • In the year 630 C;
  • The text of the Diamond Sutra is an early example of Chinese woodblock printing, complete with illustrations embedded with the text;
  • Although it would continue to be perfected over hundreds of years, gunpowder was mostly used for fireworks during the Tang Dynasty;
  • From the Middle East the Tang were able to acquire a new taste in fashion, favoring trousers over robes, new improvements on ceramics , and rare ingenious paintings.

In 859, a large-scale peasant uprising launched by Huang Chao again severely attacked the Tang regime. In 907, the last Tang emperor, Emperor Ai was forced to abdicate by Chancellor Zhu Quanzhong, who afterwards changed the state title into Liang, finally putting the ever powerful and mighty dynasty to an end.

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